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Imam Pasand Mango:  (Imam Pasand, Himayath, Himayuddin, Imampas, Himam).

Imam Pasandalso known as Himayuddin or Himayat or Humayun Pasand. The name origin of Imam Pasand is from Urdu which translates as Imam’s Favorite

Also called Himayat Mango, this is an exclusive mango, which is extremely flavourful, and it has an excellent sweet aroma. Imam Pasand has a fibreless, buttery, soft pulp inside its thin peel, which makes every bite a juicy treat. It’s grown in a few places in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.

TIP: You can eat Imam pasand mangoes along with outer skin as it is very thin. #NammaFruits

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