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Fruit in kitchen

Corporate Service

Welcome to Namma Fruits, Your One-stop shop for all your fruit needs!
We are an Exclusive Online Fruit store in Bangalore, supplying fresh fruits, dry fruits & Fruit Drinks to B2B and B2C.
If you have a company and you want to provide fruits to your employees, than you have come to the right place. We supply all kinds of fresh fruits, Dry fruits and fruit drinks as per your requirements on daily and weekly basis. With fresh whole fruits, we also provide Cut fruits which are easy to eat during the working hours.
All the fruits are handpicked and professionally packed and delivered to your office on the timings you specify. For hassle free transactions we provide DC's on daily basis and we generate weekly & monthly invoices as per your requirement.
So, lets start the business by Submitting your forms to get a call from our support team for further information.

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