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Fuji Apple

The Fuji apple is an apple cultivar developed by growers at Tohoku Research Station in Fujisaki, Aomori, Japan, in the late 1930s, and brought to market in 1962. It originated as a cross between two American apple varieties—the Red Delicious and old Virginia Ralls Janet apples. Fuji is surely one of the more attractive modern apple varieties. Its main characteristic is the lovely pink speckled flush over a yellow-green background. These hybrid apples have creamy white, firm and finely grained flesh.

Firm, crisp, and juicy, Fuji apples are among the most popular apples for eating fresh, but they're also great for baking, as they hold their shape when they cook.

Benefits: Fuji's contain high amounts of flavonoids, which can greatly reduce the risk of heart attack and heart disease. They are rich in Vitamin C, which helps protect your body from illness and are rich in fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol levels.

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